Interiors, furniture, wardrobe, and just about anything stitched, sewn, laced, or riveted is designed and produced by Ana Cartwright and her creative & talented studio.    

With an overabundance of enthusiasm for her art, Ana Cartwright creates stunning interior and clothing design - displaying a rare combination of skills and experience with "old world craftsmanship" at the heart of every item produced. Discover the true inspiration and technique of the Ah-Nah Collection.

In recent years, Ana's work has been featured in many magazines - including Architectural Digest and IN STYLE. Every detail of every project is personally inspected to assure top quality and adherence to approved design plans.


Ana holds Associate of Arts Degrees in both Fashion Design and Interior Design & Merchandise from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). She also is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). With many years of business experience, Ana brings her talent, training, and experience to projects both large and small.

During the 1980s, Ana was one of the top five clothing designers for musicians and rock bands (especially Hair Metal). She later gained extensive experience with theater backgrounds in music videos, commercial, and movie props. Throughout her diverse career, Ana's business has typically come strictly from referrals - since her clientele includes a long list of very notable celebrities and businesses in the entertainment industry, references are shared only on a selective basis.

For your next project, we invite you to inquire and discover the boundless inspiration and technique of the Ah-Nah Collection.

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